About Us

Moscow Financial Club is a non-profit organization, a community of students and professionals interested in broadening horizons in business and finance. The main mission of MFC is to develop the financial literacy of people in Russia and worldwide in order to make financial markets more efficient that drives economics and improves common wealth.

The Club is designed as an educational platform aggregating all the main financial events in Moscow, relevant materials for students and financial professionals.

Moscow Financial Club is a place for members to conduct their activities and privileged atmosphere and to meet like minded people including businessmen, bankers, consultants, lawyers, entrepreneurs, as well as government officials and diplomats.

We hope our networking and informational focused events and educational materials will provide students with a platform with which they can continue to learn about finance outside the classroom and professionals with additional knowledge to broad their horizons.

We are glad to see you as a member and attendee on our events.

For more information, please, see our presentation